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3 Storage Magnets for Mirortag Holders- Super strong magnets to hold the holder onto rearview mirror, or store it below dashboard and out of sight

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It is against the law in all states to drive with the placard hanging from your rearview mirror.  Driving your vehicle with it hanging is considered a misdemeanor moving violation, and you can be fined and assessed points on your license.  You must remove it every time you drive. While MirorTag™ allows you to easily display your tag when you park, this magnet can be used for 2 purposes, one is to peel and stick it on the back of your rear view mirror as a replacement for the Mirortag Bronze model so you can attach and detach the holder to/from it, and the other as a storage magnet that allows you to easily store your MirorTag™ holder below dashboard and out of your line of sight while driving so you no longer have to search for it everywhere next time you park. Simply peel the back paper from the adhesive and clean the area with alcohol and let it dry, then peel and stick the magnet where you like inside your vehicle with firm pressure. 3 Storage Magnets included and 3 alcohol wipes. Handicap placard and holder NOT included.