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MirorTag Charm™- A Novel Way to Protect, Display & Put Away a Handicap Parking Placard. MAGNETICALLY On & Off. Fits All Mirror Sizes. 1 Holder & 1 Magnet Charm Included. Made in USA

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  • • Eliminates the pain & frustration to hang and remove the tag from the rearview mirror every time you park and drive.
  • • No need to look for mirror post, snap it on with your eyes closed. Fits all Mirorr posts regardless of size.
  • Protects and preserves the condition of your parking placard permit.
  • Tough sturdy Magnet Charm guaranteed to resist hot and cold conditions. Will NOT bend, melt or break
  • Tag size: 4.125" W by 10" L. Easy to transfer to another vehicle if needed.