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Mirortag Silver™ MTD25 - Handicap Parking Placard holder & Protector for short tags such as Louisiana & Indiana States. Tag size: 7in x 4in. Easy ON and OFF. Made in USA

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Quick Overview

• Eliminates the pain & frustration to hang and remove your placard. Snap it on with your eyes closed
• Tough sturdy detachable hook will not break or melt
• Easy to transfer between cars. Extra hooks can be purchased separately
• Tag size: L=6", W=4". Mirror post Diameter: 1". Check our store for other sizes
• Made in USA. Patent pending.

This holder is designed specifically for the states of Louisiana and Indiana handicapped tag size. It is illegal in all states to drive with your handicap tag hanging from the rearview mirror, but it is not easy to hang and remove the placard as required by law. Mirortag is designed to protect and preserve your tag. It allows you to easily display and put away your handicap parking placard. Simply insert your tag into the plastic holder, place the hook on rearview mirror once. When parked, move plastic holder close to hook and the magnet will snap onto the metal plate of the holder to hold the placard in place. Before you drive, simply pull down the plastic holder to unlatch it from the hook. MirorTag Silver has a super strong magnet that keeps the placard and hook held together. Unlike all flimsy sheaths, its sturdy and hard plastic hook is sun & cold-resistant and will never break or melt. Extra hooks with magnets can be purchased separately for multiple cars. WARNING: rearview mirror built-in compass may give false reading due to magnet on some car models. Made in USA.