Frequently Asked Questions

VisorTag® is a patented parking permit placard holder designed to clip onto the passenger's visor and allow you to easily display and swing away your permit. It also protects and preserves the life of your placard.

MirorTag™ is a parking permit placard holder designed to snap into a hook behind the rearview mirror, and allows you to easily snap on and pull away your permit. It also protects and preserves the life of your placard.

VisorTag and Mirortag are the only available products that not only protect your placard for life, but they allow you to easily display and put away your parking placard everytime you park and drive. Thin plastic holders easily crack and melt due to heat from the sun, plus you still need to hang and remove your tag the hard way.

No. Most states require a doctor's prescription in order to issue a permit. Please check with your local Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

Yes. It is a violation to drive while the permit tag is hanging. All states have code violations regarding "Materially Obstructed View" while driving. If found in violation, fines up to $1000 or more may be imposed, that is why the tag says "REMOVE BEFORE DRIVING". Also, if involved in an accident while placard is hanging from your rearview mirror, you will be easily charged.

Yes, unlike the thin and flimsy plastic covers you find online that melt when exposed to heat (see some of the comments in testimonials page from our users), our plastic holder is made from material tested to tolerate the hottest and coldest weather conditions possible inside a car, and that is why we guarantee it 100%.

VisorTag's frame is designed to fit most states issued handicap parking placards. We offer 2 versions, a vertical mount and a horizontal mount. Check the size in the extended description of each product. If for any reason the tag is longer or wider, you can easily trim off the extra blank material of the tag that does not have texts or numbers on it.

  • • Less code violation when it is easy to swing away your tag.
  • • Protection to your placard.
  • • Easy to display, Visortag: swing it down; Mirortag: snap it on.
  • • Easy to remove, Visortag: swing it up; Mirortag: pull it down.
  • • Easy to locate, Visortag is always in same place.
  • • Safer to drive when out of your way.
  • • Saves you money on replacement cost.
  • • Multifunctional, stores other documents.
  • • Easy to transfer between vehicles.
  • • Privacy while driving.
  • • Tag looks nicer when framed and not warped or damaged.

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