Safety Made Easy !

   JL Safety is a privately held company founded in 2007. The company's focus is in the development, manufacture and support of safety related products. Our VisorTag®, MirorTag™ and WindshieldTag™ products offer disabled drivers in particular the best solution to their parking permit placards and to any hang tags used on rearview mirror. Also, our EZ Pass-Port™ and EZ Pass-Mate™ toll pass holders are rated the best on the market and have highest customers rating. The business was created on the basis of inventing simple ideas that develop into product of great value to our users. JL Safety prides itself on producing quality products that guarantee the satisfaction of our customers.

The cornerstone of the business is the company's proprietary products that have been created from true experiences and tested to our satisfaction before we offer them to market. The participants in the company, recognizing a void in this marketplace offering, set out to create a business entity to focus on the development of safety products that are unmatched to others. Our product focuses on complete solution, so when we offer it, we offer the best. The company is supported with substantial resources that are knowledgeable on the market we serve. The company also possesses astute awareness of innovative technologies that meet or exceed the standards of today's available products. The company's goal is to utilize our resources and experiences to come up with products that set us far ahead of our competition.

All Our Products Are Proudly Made In USA, And We Hope You Support Us So We Continue To Use American Made Components And Services To Support Our Economy In The USA.