VisorTag® is simply Efficient! If necessity is the mother of invention, efficiency is the daddy!
Carlette A. - Linthicum Heights, MD

VisorTag® is a nearly perfect solution for those of us with a Handicapped Permit Tag. It stores the Permit out of the way, it deploys instantly and easily, and, is extremely well made. Highly recommended.
Dave B., - Chagrin Falls, OH

I love the VisorTag, it makes using my handicapped placard so much easier. I have recommended it to friends.
Joe B. - Wesley Chapel, FL

Great Invention!I Have only had my VisorTag a short time and it is so nice to just flip it down and flip it back up out of the way. I found it on the internet and wasn't sure about it, as I had never seen one, but I took a chance, bought one, used it, and love it. It will keep my new placard looking new too.
Elaine F., - Portsmouth, RI

Congratulations! You have solved my problem with my disabled tag. I have had to replace it because of cracking and breaking, even though I kept the tag out of the sun when not parked. Your VisorTag keeps it protected and always easily at hand. Thank you.
Carol Carmack - Pensacola, FL

I LOVE my new visor Tag! After ordering A LOT ( MORE THAN THREE TIMES) of the plastic sleeve Type placard holders W/HOOK, WHERE THE HOOK broke OFF AFTER LESS THAN A WEEK'S USE, iT'S GREAT NOT TO worry if the parking patrol is going to see my placard laying on top of the dashboard.....the placard stays up nicely when not needed. Thanks for this great product.
Debbie M., - Colo Spgs., CO

This is a fantastic product. We had one of the $9.99 ones. This is Arizona and the heat in the car can go up to 175-180 degrees and melt everything plastic inside the car. It bend the inexpensive one to the point where I almost could not get it off the center mirror I had hung it on. Your product is a wonderful invention.
Jeanne S., - Glandale, AZ

This is the best investment I think I ever made. I used to hang it and leave it on the mirror till I got pulled over and fined. Then I would lose it in the car, or if I took it out I'd lose it. Now I don't have to worry about that anymore. I want to thank you for getting it to me so fast and with no shipping . This is the best thing since sliced bread. but I do wish I had gotten two at the time I purshed this one. But thank you ever so much!
Harry F., - Renfrew, PA

"My husband & I love it. We were tired of having to lift up & lift down the parking placard trying to protect it from the sun.....thank so much and will spread the word to other friends who will love to order....thanks"
Sheree B., - Pasadena, MD

"VisorTag® is a dream came true for me. I used to replace my tag twice a year. I would loose it inside my car, I would forget to hang it, and forget to remove it until someone would point it out to me at a traffic light, in an unpleasant way, that I should not be driving with my placard on. Since I started using VisorTag®, parking has been a pleasant experience. I no longer need to hang or remove my placard, and will never loose it. And best part, I keep my registration document with my tag, so when I am asked for it, I know it is there. Also, when I switch vehicles, I simply pull the VisorTag® out of the visor, and clip it into the next vehicle's visor, and the registration is already in it. Thank you JL Safety for this great invention"
Dina D., - Charleston, SC

You are THE BEST!! It is so refreshing to deal with a company that stands behind the products it makes. It makes me feel that much better about recommending your product to people who are in need of something like that. In fact, my mother uses a handicap parking placard, and she was in my car and admired my Visortag, so I am going to order her one for Mothers' Day. Thank you so much!
Amy W., - Plantation, FL

I hated keeping my tag in the glove box & take it out and placing it on the dashboard. You guys are a quality company with a great product! Keep up the good work!
Lynn J., - Omaha, NE

I LOVE my Parking Permit Placard Holder (VisorTag)! I had ordered a plastic one from another company and, after 5 minutes in the Florida sun, it melted!
Judith H., - Riverview, FL

I was surprised and delighted at the high quality of the Visortag®. The whole concept is wonderful. It is so convenient to have my handicap placard on the visor and readily available. The delivery time was amazingly fast! I am so pleased with Visortag that I told my family and friends about it. My sister ordered two of them, as soon as I showed it to her over my web cam. Please advise if you have any more brilliant concepts.
Marjorie S., - Orange Park, FL

The VisorTag® is a life saver. My handicapped tag was getting worn out from constantly putting it up and taking it down again. Then I tried leaving it hang on the rear view mirror. All that did was cause the tag to fade and crack. So I had the bright idea to laminate the permit. That held the pieces together! With my new VisorTag all I do when I park is flip the tag down. It is quick, easy and makes me smile at how easy and convenient it is. I would advise anyone who uses a handicapped permit to get the new VisorTag.
Pat O., - Ypsilanti, MI

I actually purchased both sizes of placard holders, my work has an additional card to verify that I am the person using the handicap tag. The VisorTags are great. It is so much easier to just flip down the holder to display the handicap information. No more wear and tear on the hook over the rear-view mirror. The handicap tag will last much longer and it won't be falling on the floor for me to find and try to pickup any more. No more problems if the wind is blowing when you open the car doors and the tag falls off.
Cathy K., - Willowick, OH

I just received my VisorTag®, but am already loving it! The ability to have it in sight when necessary and hidden in plain sight is wonderful. I was constantly having it either hanging from my mirror or trying to find it when I parked. I went to a location that required parking attendants and was desparately trying to find my tag so I would be directed to the correct location. The final problem I had, before I got my VisorTag® was the hanger breaking as I was parking at Church. I was in hurry and had to try to use a safety pin to hang my tag. The VisorTag® is a lifesaver.
Gwendolyn K., - Topeka, KS

In the past, I have had to replace my tags because of cracking. Every time I went to the BMV for replacement, I was charged $5.00 per tag. Even the tag I kept in my glove compartment was brittle and cracked after only one year from the heat. Since I had 4 tags, it was becoming a problem, not only an unnecessary expense to replace them, and sitting at the BMV office and waiting was not enjoyable. I searched for a product to solve my problem, and settled on the VisorTag because of the construction quality, and ease of use. Now my wife wants one and a couple neighbors are planning to order. It is a simple product that is quality constructed, easy to use without removal, and protects the tag, so it is there when you need it. Simplicity and quality in one product that solved my problem completely. I will be ordering another one, since my wife is threatening to take mine.
James A., - Pekin, IN

The reason we started looking for an alternate way of hanging our handicap placard is we both have all this electronic stuff hooked into our rear view mirror - like a compass, thermometer and other things. The placard was pulling on this wiring and we knew it would mess things up. I began to look online and your system was the first one I saw and of course I like it a lot. I ordered 2 for us and we have been very pleased. My Father was visiting and saw them and decided he need 2 of them also. I made the second order. I will probably buy so more in the future for gifts and thing for my family and friends.
I will do my part to spread the word of this great product. Good luck! Thanks a bunch,
Julia V., - Houston, TX

We bought a new car in January and the console was smaller than that of our previous car and my handicap tag would become curled and in the way when stored there. I bought the VisorTag and now it is permanently up and out of the way. I have a second handicap tag and the VisorTag allows me to carry it in my purse without it becoming damaged.
Connie S. - Hays, KS

The VisorTag® is very useful. It also helped me avoid a traffic ticket!
I was driving from a restaurant with 5 people in the car at night. I stopped at a red light, and then made a right turn. Immediately a police car stopped me. There apparently was a sign saying NO TURN ON RED, but I didn't see it. From the situation it was obvious this was an "apple orchard". The cop kneeled outside the passenger window. I saw him glance at my VisorTag with the placard visible. He checked my drivers license, and came back saying he would not issue a ticket. I strongly suspect his viewing the handicap placard influenced him. It would not have been visible without the VisorTag. P.S. Your service and product are first class.
Harv B., - Mountain View, CA

This VisorTag® has been a blessing for me because I have twins, and one of them has autism. This is a life saver for me because I'm not struggling anymore trying to put the pass in the mirror and getting out of the car after wasting time. This also preserves the pass in good condition. Thanks for this wonderful idea....
Glorie A. - Rio Grande , PR

It's a wonderful hassle free item when we just had our plain card it stained the top of the sun Visor and we would always forget to put it on the mirror. Now its a snap; just flip and you're set and no stains anymore.
Paul M. Sr., - Birchwood, WI

I love the VisorTag®, it makes using my handicapped placard so much easier. I have recommended it to friends.
Joe B. - Wesley Chapel, FL

I love my VisorTag®. I even got one for my uncle for his birthday, it was a big hit.
Carla S. - Louisville, Ky

I am so glad that we got the VisaTag® for my husband's tag. Now all we have to do is pull it down when we need to park in a handicapped place. No more torn tags!
Very convenient and well made! Worth the price! Have been recommending it to others!!
Tim and Sandy Y. - Lititz, PA

My husband, being more forgetful than I, would always drive with the handicap card hanging down from the mirror, we, too, had people pointing fingers, honking horns and waving arms, yelling, "It's illegal to drive with that hanging from your mirror." After going through many placards being replaced due to the card cracking into pieces, I considered getting one of those "other" types of holders, that really don't do anything more than keep the card in one piece. I saw your product in a magazine, instantly recognizing the advantage of the harder plastic, the swivel action that kept it out of the way and out of view when not being used. The only disadvantage that I could see is that by the time I got the VisorTag®, my card was already pretty chipped, brittle, the usual things that happen to the card when left to fend for itself. My husband tried to mend it by surrounding it with a laminate type of plastic. This didn't really work too well, since the sun did its thing and the glue that was used with the plastic was becoming undone and we still had to use a little masking tape to hold it together in places, especially around the top, where it made the little jog to fit around the mirror. Well, this made the entire card thicker in some places than in others, and I was afraid to try to "stretch" the holder open for fear of cracking it, but it did not break or crack, I did get the card into the holder and now it's very nice to just flip it up or down depending on where it was needed. Thank you for your invention that saves me from the embarrassment of a forget husband!
Barb M., - Sussex, WI

I Love my VisorTag! Finally I have a place to store it where I know where it's at every time. Not only is my hangtag protected, but now it's out of my way, and will never get lost, and no more searching through the glove box. I have gone through so many hangtags because they have melted in the sun, cracked because they became brittle, etc... Now at least I don't have to worry about it melting or warping. And no more blocking my rear view mirror. I've also been stopped for driving with the hang tag in the window as well, so the VisorTag definitely solves this problem! I rate it 100% ! Another bonus, now I can drive with my windows down without fear that it will blow out the window. This is great & it works wonderful! The adults in my family don't usually exchange gifts with each other, but I had to get one of these for my brother who is also handicapped because this helps him so much and will make his life easier as well. I feel it's people like you that care enough to come up with a product like this to help improve the lives of handicapped people that is worth more than anything. Thanks again for everything; you're an amazing, caring & creative person!
Karen T., - Hamburg, PA

I am extremely happy with my VisorTag® - what a blessing not to have to worry about it tearing at the hanger from taking it on and off the mirror as instructed. When I got my 2nd temporary hanger I laminated it which really helped, but they are only good for 6 months so don't know how long it would have lasted. Ordered your product when they gave me a permanent handicap hanger and love the ease of sliding it into the VisorTag ! Thank you very much for a very useful product.
Cindy N., - Lakeland, FL

"VisorTag®" is a great time saver and money saver as well (don't have to worry about being ticketed for not showing it). No more fumbling for my tag; just a quick pull and it's clearly visible. I don't forget to display it anymore and the sturdy plastic also keeps the tag protected. Keep up the good work and thanks.
Mariann S., - Long Island, NY

Now that I have the VisorTag® I cant imagine being without it. You are less likely to forget to place it when parking. I took on a trip out west and used it in my rental car. Several people inquired as to where I purchased it. A well placed label with your information could go a real long way.
William J B., - Ardmore, PA


"I bought this because my handicap sign broke at the handle. Then I ordered the plastic sleeve to put it in but again the handle broke. You are suppose to take the sign down to drive and all that handling especially in cold weather always seem to snap the plastic. I LOVE my new visor tag. It is so easy to put the tag up and it stays because of the magnets. Easy to take down and I don't have to worry about it breaking I am ordering more for my other car and for friends."

 Phil - Indiana

I am so happy with my VisorTag®. I would like to thank you for making this and for the quality of the product. It is illegal to drive with my place-card hanging from the mirror so, by taking it up and down my old place-card just broke. I replaced my old one and got on the internet to see what was available as a cover with a different way of hanging it. I was thrilled to run into your website. I had seen plastic sleeves with its own hook but knew the same thing would happen after hanging and removing. My VisorTag® is everything your website said. I love it. I have had no problems with it of any kind. The magnets are holding up great and now I not only know where my place-card is, but, it is so easy, convenient, and right there for me to get to. I am very excited about the product. I will admit at first I second guessed myself because of the price and I am on a fixed income, but when I saw it and how well it is made, well you just have to see it in person and there should be no question. I have not regretted in any way the purchase of my VisorTag®. I have been asked many times in the parking lot about my VisorTag®and though I have no way of knowing if they went home and ordered one I tell them all about JL Safety and the VisorTag®. I guess the only thing I have to say to improve it is to say we need them out on the market. I truly believe if people could see it and touch it, you would sell more. If I was a dealer I know that I could sell many as I live in an adult mobile park and almost everyone here has a place-card. Older people just are not sure of buying things without seeing them. Thank you again and I wish you much success.
Greta S.,  - Salem, OR

"I love this thing! I have this weird obsession about things like parking tags getting bent or torn or whatever, and this VisorTag solves that problem for me. I also no longer have to put it in and out of the glove box. Now, I can just reach over and flip it down when I need to use it and flip it back up when I'm done. If you have a handicap parking tag, VisorTag is well worth the small amount it costs"
Shelley B.,  - Ozark, AL


 "This product is SUPER! Absolutely a pleasure to use. Keeps your placard out of site when not in use and easily drops down when display is appropriate. Super strong magnets ensure it does not flip down while you are driving.
JL Safety is an absolute pleasure to deal with. Their product concepts and implementation have yielded, by far, the best tag holders on the market today. The broad variety of mounting options afforded by the different products should make it possible for anyone to find a suitable means for display. But, all of this would be meaningless if it were not backed up with Customer Service. JL Safety's Customer Service is absolutely super - - customer satisfaction is their goal and a goal that they achieve. Kudos!"
Burt S.,  - Monroe Township, NJ


"I was looking for something to mount and protect my handicap placard on my sun visor. The placard I had was cracking and coming apart because of constantly hanging and removing the placard from the rear view mirror. At first I was just looking for something to protect my placard (that was coming apart), when I came across the Visortag Vertical Mount holder and display device. It is perfect, as it is hard plastic (not like those soft plastic sleeves) and it mounts to your car's sun visor. It has two very strong magnets that all you have to do is swing up the placard to the mounting framework on your car's sun visor when you are driving and swing down the placard when you are parked (no more hanging and removing your placard from the rear view mirror). If you use a handicap placard (or even just some other kind of placard that you hang from your rear view mirror, say like a work or college pass), I would highly recommend getting and using a Visortag".
Robert C.,  - Gettysburg, PA


"Everyone should buy one. This is a wonderful product. It keeps my handicap placard readily available. I don't have to worry about misplacing my placard. So easy to flip down when you've parked the car. It's easy to have the placard visible when I put up the pop up sun blockers. Good value."

Rose,  - Jonesboro, GA