MirorTag Gold Plus™- Sturdy Handicapped Parking Placard Holder & Protector. Fits NC state long size tag. Sun & Cold resistant. Magnetically attach & Detach your Permit. Tag size: 10.75in x 3.625in or wider. Made in USA

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Quick Overview

• Sturdy & hard (NOT soft vinyl or PVC) crystal clear plastic holder that will NOT melt, bend, or break

• 3-Digit temperature rated that safely holds, protects and preserves your tag

• Easy to install. Hang the hook only once. No adhesive, or nylon strips, or hardware needed

• One step to display. Snaps to hook behind rearview mirror. Strong magnets hold it in position

• One step to put away. Simply pull it down to detach it from hook

• No more hanging and removing or struggling to find mirror post

• Easy to transfer to another car. Transfer hook from one car to another, or buy extra hooks

• Saves you money on replacement cost due to damages caused by heat and repeated handling

• Tag Dimensions: Length= 10.75" max . Width= 3.625" or wider since sides are open

• Patent pending & proudly made in USA


MirorTag Gold Plus MTD220 is designed to hold bigger size placards such as North Carolina long size placard (shown in main photo) handicapped parking placard. It is illegal in all states to drive with your handicap tag hanging from the rearview mirror, but it is not easy to hang and remove the placard as required by law. Mirortag is designed to protect and preserve your tag. It allows you to easily display and put away your handicap parking placard. Simply insert your tag into the plastic holder from either side, install the hook on rearview mirror once. When parked, move plastic holder close to hook and the 2 magnets will snap together to hold the placard. Before your drive, simply pull down the plastic holder to unlatch it from the hook. MirorTag has super strong magnets that keeps the placard and hook held together when displayed. Unlike all flimsy sheaths, its sturdy plastic frame is sun & cold-resistant, protecting your placard from cracks, tears and creases. This MirorTag Gold Plus is designed to fit NC placard and similar sizes. Extra hooks can be purchased separately for multiple cars. Made in USA. Tag size accepted: 10.75" long, 3.625" wide (10 3/4" by 3 5/8"). Wider tags may be used since sides are open.