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WindshieldTAG™ Silver - Handicapped Parking Placard Holder & Protector. Install anywhere on windshield. Magnetically Attach & Detach your Permit with your Eyes Closed. Made in USA

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Quick Overview

• Industrial grade suction cup with built in strong magnet
• Safely holds, protects and preserves your tag, and ON and OFF in a snap.
• Easy to install. Install the suction cup anywhere on windshield only once. No adhesive, nylon strips or hardware needed
• One step to display. Snaps to hanging magnet charm on suction cup. Strong magnet holds it in position
• One step to put away. Simply pull it down to detach it from the magnet charm
• No more hanging and removing or struggling to find mirror post
• Easy to transfer to another car. Transfer suction cup magnet from one car to another, or buy extra one
• Saves you money on replacement cost due to damages caused by heat and repeated handling
• Tag Dimensions: Length= 10" max. Width= 4"
• Patent pending & proudly made in USA


WindshieldTAG WTD100 is another line of JL Safety innovative line of products added to our Visortag and Mirortag family of placard holders. Comes with a protective sleeve, and a strong magnet that hangs from an industrial grade suction cup patented with an extra ring to divert light rays from forming a focal point and cause damages. The suction cup can be installed behind the rearview mirror and can remain there unless you need to relocate it. To remove the suction cup, simply pull on the small tab and it will come off. Make sure the windshield surface and the suction cup are both clean before installation. We recommend the windshield temperature to be at least 40F when applied. If mirror has a built in compass, make sure it is far enough from the mirror so compass reading is not affected. All components are made and assembled in the USA. It fits any car since the rearview mirror is not used. The Silver model comes with a Vinyl sleeve. For hard plastic version look for our WindshieldTAG Gold model WTD210.