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Windshieldtag Silver™- Student Pick Up Permit Holder & Protector. Magnetically Display & Store Away your Tag. Made in USA

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• Industrial grade suction cup with built in strong magnet
• Safely holds, protects and preserves your tag, and ON and OFF in a snap.
• Easy to install. Apply the suction cup only once. No adhesive, or nylon strips, or hardware needed
• One step to display. Snaps to hanging magnet charm on suction cup. Strong magnet holds it in position
• One step to put away. Simply pull it down to detach it from the magnet charm
• No more hanging and removing or struggling to find mirror post
• Easy to transfer to another car. Transfer suction cup magnet from one car to another, or buy extra one
• Saves you money on replacement cost due to damages caused by heat and repeated handling
• Tag Dimensions: Length= 10" max. Width= 4"
• Patent pending and proudly made in USA