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Mirortag™ Holder with Hook & Charm Options- Handicap Placard Holder. Easily Protect, Display & Put Away Your Handicap tag. Magnetically Attach & Detach Your Placard with Your Eyes Closed. Made in USA (Copy)

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Quick Overview

• Safely holds, protects and preserves your tag, and ON & OFF in a snap, with your eyes closed

• Easy to install. Hang the hook or Charm only once. No adhesive, or nylon strips, or hardware needed

• One step to display. Snaps to hook or Charm behind rearview mirror. Strong magnet holds it in position

• One step to put away. Simply pull it down to detach it from hook/Charm

• No more hanging and removing or struggling to find mirror post

• Easy to transfer to another car. Transfer hook/Charm from one car to another, or buy extra hooks/Charms for multiple cars and use same holder

• Saves you money on replacement cost due to damages caused by heat and repeated handling

• Tag Dimensions: Length= 10" max. Width= 4" 

• Hook size: Fits mirror shaft/post up to 1 inch diameter.

• Charm size: Fits all mirror shafts/posts up to 2.5 inch diameter.

• Patent pending and proudly made in USA


MirorTag™ holder with one hook and one charm options is designed as a handicapped parking permit holder, hanger, sleeve or cover to protect your disabled parking tag, sticker or badge, and most importantly to eliminate the need to hang and remove the tag from/to rearview mirror post every time you park and drive. Simply insert the hook onto the rearview mirror post one time only and leave it there. It will be hidden behind the mirror and will not block your driving view. When you park, bring the placard holder blue header close to the hook/charm magnet on the mirror and the super strong magnet will attract the holder and firmly hold your parking permit placard in a displayed position. Before you drive, pull down on the placard holder to detach it from the magnet. Your handicap parking placard will be protected inside the plastic frame, and you no longer need to ever touch it. You can purchase a Storage Magnet that you can attach anywhere inside your car to help you store your placard holder while driving. Hook will fit mirror shaft up to 1 inch diameter. For bigger mirror shaft, use the Charm option that uses an adjustable ball chain that fits all mirrors. Also, extra hooks and charms may be purchased for extra vehicles.