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New Visortag® Horizontal by JL Safety® - The Best Handicap Placard Holder on The Market. Easily Protect, Display & Swing Away Your Disabled Parking Tag. Hard Plastic to Withstand 3-Digit Hot Sun. Made in USA

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Quick Overview

  • GOODBYE HANGING AND REMOVING: No more struggling to hang & remove the tag from rearview mirror every time you park and drive. No need to flip and rotate visors, or fish for mirror post. It’s right at your fingertips, simply swing it down to display, and up to fold away.
  • QUALITY, NOT QUANTITY: Visortag is made from hard and durable quality plastic to withstand toughest temperature including Arizona hottest sun. Unlike all cheap and flimsy vinyl hangers that are sold in packs, you only need to buy Visortag once and will last forever.
  • NO MORE DIGGING & SEARCHING: No more losing or misplacing the permit ever. Always under your passenger visor, at your fingertips.
  • TRIPLE-DIGIT TEMPERATURE RATED: Unlike soft Vinyl and PVC hangers that melt and curl and cracks in the sun, Visortag is 3-digit temperature rated plastic to withstand hottest states summer heat. It will protect and preserve the condition of your parking placard permit
  • NO MORE BMV/DMV VISITS: Visortag protects and preserves your tag and keeps it as good as new. No more visits to BMV and DMV to replace your damaged tag. Visortag is made from tough sturdy plastic material guaranteed to resist hot and cold conditions, and protect your placard from dents, bends, scratches and curling, and will not melt your tag and its texts as Vinyl and PVC holders do.
  • SUPER CONVENIENT: Your handicap placard is well protected, conveniently stored, swing it down to display & up to put away. Always at your fingertips.
  • EASY TO TRANSFER BETWEEN VEHICLES: It is easy to transfer to another vehicle if needed. Simply pull it off one visor and clip it onto another.
  • AESTHETICALLY APPEALING:  Made for QUALITY not QUANTITY. Your car & placard deserve a reliable holder with a sleek look. Visortag is engineered with an appealing look, and round corners for safe touch.
  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION: Our holder is made of robust materials to withstand daily wear and tear, providing longevity.
  • VISORTAG IS THE SOLUTION: Visortag is the solution for the many rearview mirrors that do not allow items to hang from them.
  • MADE IN USA: Unlike most soft hangers, Visortag is designed, patented, and proudly made in USA.
  • DIMENSIONS: Placard size: 9.25 in x 4.125 in. 9.25 inches long (horizontally), 4.125 inches wide (vertically). Wider tag may be used since sides are open and can extend through. Handicap tag is not included.


VisorTag® is the ultimate solution of dealing with handicap parking placard. It is designed not to only protect and preserve your parking tag, but most importantly to eliminate the need to hang and remove the handicapped placard from/to rearview mirror every time you park and drive. Simply slide your handicapped parking tag into the thick and sturdy heat resistant plastic holder, clip it to the passenger's sun visor, and pull the placard holder down when you park, and swing it back toward the visor before you drive. It will magnetically latch into a position out of your driving line of sight complying with the regulations and for clear driving sight. Your parking placard will be protected, and you no longer need to ever touch it, and no need to search for it, it is always on the visor and within your arm's reach. US patented and proudly made in USA, with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.