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Uber & Lyft Car Sign Emblem Holder. WindshieldTag™ by JL Safety is Sturdy to Withstand hot & Cold Conditions. Easy to Display and Store Away. Single Large Suction Cup. Patented and Made in USA

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  • Holder can be easily seen at pick up. License plate number and name help passenger identify you among other similar car.
  • Easy on and off. 
  • Hard durable plastic to withstand hot and cold conditions, and repeated handling. 
  • Industrial suction cup. Unlike others, this suction cup is patented using round rings to divert sun rays from focusing into a point and prevent putting a hole in your dashboard or starting a fire in your car. We all know about the sun light and the magnifying glass and how it starts a fire. 
  • Appealing and professional look with rounded corners design and no sharp edges to touch. 
  • Remove the instructions insert and write/print your License plate number and name on the bottom white section using a permanent marker. Insert the card back into holder.
  •  To display, Hold the holder by the metal clip and rest its bottom on the dashboard against your windshield on the passenger’s side to keep driver’s line of sight clear. Push suction onto windshield with your thumb.
  • To remove and store away the holder, hold the metal clip & pull the suction cup tab with your thumb to disengage from windshield. Store the holder below dashboard using the included peel and stick hook at a location of your choice. To display again, remove from hook and follow step 2 above.

Say goodbye to unattractive, flimsy sign holders or the hassle of paper taped to your windshield. Upgrade to the JL Safety WindshieldTag, designed specifically for Uber, Lyft, rideshare and taxi drivers. This innovative holder includes an insert for customizing your license plate number and name. Installation is a breeze thanks to its single, industrial-grade large suction cup, allowing for placement on any part of your windshield or side windows. To display, simply position the bottom of the holder against the passenger-side dashboard, away from the driver’s line of sight, and secure it with the suction cup. For removal, gently pull the suction cup tab while holding the metal clip, then conveniently store it using the provided hook under the driver-side dashboard, as illustrated in the photos and video. This versatile sign holder can also be attached to the passenger door window as an option. Crafted from durable hard plastic, it is designed to endure both hot and cold weather conditions and frequent use. Use it to professionally display your credentials while on duty and easily remove it when off duty. The purchase includes the sign holder and insert as seen, along with a handy peel-and-stick storage hook.