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EZ Pass-Mate™ Clear Toll Pass Holder for ALL E-ZPass, I-Pass, NC QuickPass, Palmetto Pass & more. Sturdy and Compact. Made in USA

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Quick Overview

 Thick and Durable plastic, Clear

 Easy to install & remove

 Will not rattle, spin, break, warp, discolor or melt   

 Easy access to HOV switch

• Dual suction cups for stability 

 Fits all EZ Pass & I Pass & Izoom models

 No messy adhesive on windshield

EZ Pass-Mate™ EZPM300C holder by JL Safety is simply engineered to fit most toll pass tags or transponders on the market. Fits ALL EZpass toll tags including the Flex model with the HOV switch on front, and all IPass, iZoom and PalPass transponders to name few. Designed to last forever and beat its competition. Compact design that hides behind the smallest tall tag and your toll pass including the holder can easily be hidden behind your rearview mirror. The suction cups are tucked behind the holder and do not extends outside the transponder and unnecessarily block your view. The holder has a smooth rounded frame that adds rigidity and makes it safe to touch with no sharp edges or corners, and this holder will take the beating and will not break. This holder comes with two industrial grade suction cups that can be easily replaced if ever needed and are available to purchase on our store. Also, the holder allows for a single Medium or Large size suction cup as alternate options that can be inserted into the center hole as an option, and these suction cups are also available in our store. The suction cups we use are industrial grade and have patented rings to divert sun beam that can damage your tag or car interior or even start a fire if sun beam is focused into a point. Holder is molded from best quality plastic material to tolerate extreme heat and cold conditions without warping, breaking, melting or discoloring. Clear color lets toll authority see your tag in case of malfunction as a proof to avoid extra fines, but fades out the undesirable appearance of the strips. Assemble and attach in seconds with clear instructions. 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back with no question asked. Patents pending and proudly made in USA.