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3M Dual Lock Reclosable Fastener SJ3550 250 Black, 1 in x 4 Ft. For Hanging Pictures, Signs and Displays, Remotes, Tools, Craft & mores

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  • Self Mating Sturdy Velcro - Reclosable Fasteners offer advanced closure alternatives to screws, snaps, hooks, bolts and more! NO MORE making sure you have both sides to a hook & loop option! It's as easy and cut and stick it!
  • Super Strong Adhesive - Adhesive backing adheres to metal, plastic, and most rigid or flexible surfaces. The cleaner and less porous the better for maximum stick. Resistant to solvents, moisture and plasticizers. Resists heat up to 200 degrees. Holds up to high temperatures, ideal for car windshields!
  • Long Lasting - When stored well this product remains sticky and ready for use for a long time, not drying out quickly like glues or other fasteners. This also holds up against heat, dust, and water elements in use.
  • Mount Anything - Ideal for easy hanging projects in the office, home, or work. Sticks to concrete, drywall, windows, cabinet doors, or anywhere else. Hang power strips, USB hubs, posters, pedal boards, DIY projects and much more. Avoid hammers, drills, & holes by using this self-mating reclosable fastener, easily cut with any pair of scissors.
  • When you need a strong, reliable, yet removable closure, 3M Reclosable Fasteners are the easy alternative to traditional fastening methods such as screws, nuts or bolts.It is designed to deliver a durable, reclosable fastening solution (which can be opened and closed multiple times) which bonds to a variety of substrates including metals and plastics such as acrylics, polycarbonate and ABS.
  • Durable and secure black, interlocking mushroom-shaped heads (250 stem density per square inch) provide strong, reliable and durable fastening up to 5X the tensile strength of typical hook-and-loop products.
  • With 3M Reclosable Fastener SJ3550, there is no need for any drilling, screwing or sewing tools which makes for quick installation. Snap-in-place installation replaces screws and nails, snaps, and rivets.
  • Strong fastener secures with an audible snap, verifying closure. An alternative to screws and bolts, this hidden fastener provides a snug fit and smooth aesthetic appearance. Black fastener is hidden when closed and provides clean, smooth appearance
  • Acrylic adhesive bonds well to metals, glass, paint, and high surface energy plastics Ideal for indoor and outdoor use to attach doors, access panels, cushions, headliners, signs and display components. Applications also include attaching signs, enclosure panels, banners, shelving, vehicle ceiling panels, furniture seats and backs, marine carpeting, and orthopedic brace closures, and much more.