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Self store      
One step ON or OFF    
No need for visor folding or flipping    

plastic frame thickness in mils



85 60 60  18  18
Clips to visor (no screws or straps or hardware)      
Swing down to display & up to put away      
Strong Magnets    
Snaps to hook on rearview mirror        
Snaps to magnet on rearview mirror        
Accepts broken or damaged placard
No need to flip or rotate placard
No need to ever touch the placard
No tools or hardware needed to install
Easy to transfer between cars

Patented/Patent pending & Made in USA

100% satisfaction guaranteed    





Less Code Violation
All states enforce a violation code if you neglect to display and remove your handicap parking ID permit as instructed, or if you drive with placard hanging from rearview mirror. A fine of $1000 or more is imposed if found in violation. Using VisorTag® or MirorTag , it is so easy to display and swing away your hangtag parking ID permit. Complying with state and local regulations eliminates the costly fines. see Ohio revised code example in the resources page.




 VisorTag® or MirorTag TM will protect and preserve your handicapped placard, or any hang tag ID parking permit from cracking, warping, chipping, or peeling due to hot and cold weather conditions. Your parking permit will always look new and neat in your vehicle.




Easy to Install

Simply clip it onto passenger side sun visor; no screw adjusting or hardware or tool is needed, and no need to flip down visor or rotate placard to use.

Easy to Display
When required, simply swing the VisorTag holder down from the sun visor, or snap the MirorTag holder onto mirror post. The handicapped or parking tag is easily seen by parking authority from front and back of your vehicle.


Easy to Remove
When not required, and before driving, simply swing up the VisorTag holder toward the sun visor, or pull down the MirorTag holder. Strong magnets on Visortag unit automatically secure the plastic holder into a stored place, and the parking permit is out of your line of sight as required by law.


Easy to Locate
Avoid the frustration of trying to locate your handicapped or parking ID permit. With VisorTag®, you always know where it is.

A quick swing up on Visortag, or a quick pull down on Mirortag and the parking permit tag is no longer obstructing your driving visibility. Often drivers found driving with the handicapped parking placard hanging from their rearview mirror, violating driving regulations and imposing danger onto themselves and other drivers by blocking their line of sight. Drivers are told to remove the disabled tag before driving. Many drivers complain about other drivers who drive with the handicapped or disability tag hanging from their rearview mirror. 

No Replacement Cost

Avoid replacement cost due to damages or loss of your disabled parking ID permit or hangtag placard. Your parking permit placard is protected, preserved, and held in one location.

Store documents for easy accessibility such as proof of insurance and registration. Also an ideal place for quick reference of traffic directions or "to do" lists.

One Size Fits All
No need to worry if your handicapped parking tag will easily hook on your rearview mirror post. our holders are designed to hold handicap parking ID permits issued by most states, and the clip is designed to fit all visors.

No permanent attachments required. VisorTag® and MirorTagTM can be easily transferred to another vehicle if needed. Simply pull the VisorTag clip off your car "A" visor, and clip it onto car "B" visor, or easily remove the MirorTag hook from one car to another. Your handicapped permit is securely framed, and no need to touch it.

Display your handicapped, disability, college, business, condo, or any parking ID permit hangtag only when you park or choose to. Avoid unnecessary disclosure of your affiliation, employment, or disability status while driving.

Display your permit when needed. Many permits are reported stollen from cars. Exposing the tag all the time makes it a target for robbery.

There is a joy in taking away the frustration of hanging, removing, replacing, losing or misplacing the parking ID permit for good.