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EZ Pass-Mate™ Clear - Universal FasTrak Toll Pass Holder by JL Safety. Sturdy Toll Tag Holder for ALL FasTrak models including FasTrak Flex CAV and FasTrak Standard / Switchable & HOV. Comes with 3 Suction Cup Sizes and 2 Extra Strips. Made in USA

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[ONE HOLDER FITS ALL] : Fits all FasTrak models, old and new, no restrictions. Including FasTrak Flex CAV, FasTrak Standard, FasTrak Flex, FasTrak Switchable and FasTrak HOV. Also fits all E-ZPass, QuickPass, I-Pass models, and any toll pass. All needed hardware included to last for a long time.

• [QUALITY MATERIAL & DESIGN]: Engineered and made in USA. Molded from high-quality material with an elegant smooth look, not 3D printed with a rough finish. Made to withstand the toughest summer days. Will not break, warp, discolor, melt, deform, or rattle.

• [COMPACT, SAFE & SLEEK]: The holder is compact and can be easily tucked behind your rearview mirror for safer driving sight. Round corners with raised contour for safe touch, rigidity and appealing look you and your car deserve. Suction cup(s) are designed to be mounted behind the holder to maintain its compact design and prevent the sun rays from forming a focal point onto your seat or dashboard that can start a fire or damage your car as in the case of a magnifying glass experiment that we all did in school when we were younger.

• [3 SUCTION CUP SIZES INCLUDED]: Holder comes with 3 industrial grade suction cup options. 2 small suction cups ( 1.25 inch ) already attached to holder, one Medium size suction cup ( 1.75 inch ) , and one Large size suction cup ( 2.5 inch ). The Medium and Large cups can be mounted in center hole as alternate choice to the 2 small cups. These suction cups are made from industrial grade material with patented ring design to divert sun rays that can cause fire and damage to your car. Please READ the warning about suction cup fire hazard below.

• [3M DUAL-LOCK STRIPS]: 4 Dual-Lock strips by 3M are included. Two already mounted on the holder, plus two extra to use in place of Velcro strips that come already attached to some FasTrak models. Dual-Lock strips have superior holding power and longer lasting life over Velcro strips. Use the included 2 Dual-Lock strips to replace Velcro strips if needed, following provided instructions in the photos.

Introducing the JL Safety Universal EZ Pass-Mate™ holder, expertly crafted to seamlessly accommodate all toll pass tags or transponders available on the market. This versatile holder is compatible with ALL FasTrak, E-Zpass, QuickPass, IPass models, including the Flex variant with the HOV switch on the front. Engineered for lasting durability, our holder is designed to outperform its competitors. The compact design ensures discreet placement behind your rearview mirror, effortlessly concealing even the smallest toll tags. The suction cups are strategically tucked behind the holder, avoiding unnecessary extension beyond the transponder, preserving your clear line of sight. Featuring a smooth rounded frame, the holder prioritizes safety with no sharp edges or corners, guaranteeing longevity without breakage. Included are two industrial-grade suction cups, easily replaceable and available for purchase on our store. Additionally, the holder accommodates a single Medium or Large size suction cup as alternate options, which can be inserted into the center hole. Our industrial-grade suction cups are equipped with patented rings, diverting sunlight to prevent potential damage to your tag, car interior, or even fire hazards. Constructed from premium quality plastic, the holder withstands extreme heat and cold conditions, promising resilience without warping, breaking, melting, or discoloring. Choose between clear and black colors, both designed to fade out the undesirable appearance of adhesive strips. Assembling and attaching the holder is a breeze, taking only seconds with clear instructions provided. We stand by the quality of our product, offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If not completely satisfied, your money will be refunded, no questions asked. With patents pending, our EZ Pass-Mate™ is proudly made in the USA, reflecting our commitment to innovation and excellence.